Phu Binh An industrial catering service

Concept catering industry, easily causing confusion about meals provided on a large scale to industrial parks and manufacturing plants. In fact, most organizations such as schools, hospitals, companies, offices, hotels, businesses... also apply industrial meals as menus for employees and workers, in order to meet their needs. Meal service capacity as well as assurance of nutritional quality. Compared to meals that organizations and factories prepare and serve themselves, industrial meals help save costs, time and human resources.

Currently, there are many companies providing industrial catering services nationwide, including Phu Binh An. The brand provides reputable industrial catering services with many years of experience and professional service style. Currently a supplier of industrial meals for many factories, enterprises, and schools nationwide.

Phu Binh An Co., Ltd. was granted an establishment license on November 18, 2008 and officially operated in 2009 in the main business of providing industrial meals.

Through five years of development and growth, Phu Binh An has affirmed its position and reputation by serving more than 10,000 meals per day to businesses in industrial zones. Phu Binh An's customers are mainly from countries: Japan, America, Australia, Korea, Taiwan such as: Cty Sài Gòn Stec, Cty Avery Dennison, wanek, House wares, Tatung, Cty thời trang Y & K, Cty Jim Fuyu, Ens Foam Cty Prestart.


Customer served

Service criteria

Delicious – Green – Clean – Quality – Safe

Phu Binh An always listens and constantly learns to meet customers' needs at all times. We always pay attention to the needs and understand the concerns of the Board of Directors of customer companies who always want their employees to have good health to work.

Phu Binh An is very aware of the importance of industrial catering services. With a team of qualified and experienced employees, the factory is built on the principle of a one-way kitchen, a fleet of specialized vehicles and modern hygienic equipment, so with the motto of operation : "Taking care of human resources for businesses".

We are committed to providing our customers with the best product quality and the most professional service style with quality, delicious meals according to the following standards: “Delicious – Green – Clean – Quality – Safe” To restore lost energy during tiring and stressful working hours. We understand that a quality meal, ensuring comprehensive hygiene standards and punctuality, will directly impact everyone's efficiency and productivity.

It's great to serve customers. Let Phu Binh An Catering listen to your wishes. If you have any consultation, please contact us using the following form:

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Factors that make customers feel secure and satisfied

Guaranteed nutrition

Recognizing the importance of health, Phu Binh An always prioritizes quality when providing industrial meals.

Each meal is guaranteed to provide all the necessary nutrients for the body. Through serious research and customer understanding, Phu Binh An pays attention to different nutritional ingredients suitable for each customer (children, students, hospitals, office workers, etc.) workers...) to bring not only energy for a productive working day but also invest in the long-term health of customers.


Food Hygiene

In addition to ensuring nutrition is a top priority, the issue of food hygiene is also one of the important criteria throughout the service delivery process.

Phu Binh An pays attention to the hygiene of equipment, tools, factories... Industrial catering services use stainless steel materials for all tools from processing to serving meals to ensure excellent hygiene. For example, the health sector establishments issue a Certificate of Hygiene and Food Safety. Phu Binh An puts customers' health as the guiding principle of its operations.

On-site processing service or door-to-door transportation by specialized vehicles according to customer requirements, commitment to meal delivery time according to business criteria, helping to ensure work progress of the business is not affected.

Large service capacity

Producing industrial meals on a large, modern machinery system

Service capacity


Meals/per day

The closed, scientific process meets the needs of small - medium - large quantities of meals

Optimal costs for customers

Thanks to the application of modern machinery in processing, large industrial kitchens help keep service costs reasonable. Phu Binh An not only helps customers save time but also save costs.

Diverse dishes

A diverse menu of dishes helps customers not get bored. Phu Binh An's team of nutrition experts and staff are well-trained, professional, and have good taste to bring delicious dishes to customers.

How is the industrial catering menu designed by Phu Binh An?

Whether it's physical work or mental work, it is necessary to supplement nutrients to serve the energy and brain of workers. In addition to foods that meet basic ingredients such as protein (meat, fish, eggs...) they must also contain other beneficial ingredients such as folic acid (found in cereals, eggs, milk, liver or carrots), omega-3 (found in sea fish), glucose, vitamins B and C (green vegetables) and fiber. However, harmful substances such as glucose and lipids must still be limited.

For each customer, Phu Binh An will have: industrial catering menu diversified by region and customer preferences with criteria to ensure nutrition and science.

hinh-anh-thuc-don-mon-suat-an-cong-nghiep-phu-binh-an-Thịt kho nấm rơm
hinh-anh-thuc-don-mon-suat-an-cong-nghiep-phu-binh-an-Canh chua thập cẩm
hinh-anh-thuc-don-mon-suat-an-cong-nghiep-phu-binh-an-Hủ tiếu
hinh-anh-thuc-don-mon-suat-an-cong-nghiep-phu-binh-an-Canh bí đỏ nấu tôm

Please refer to SAMPLE 1 - Industrial catering menu. The menu is built for Monday to Sunday of the week with 3 shifts: Morning - Lunch - Afternoon








Bánh canh cua

Bánh bao

Sườn kho tiêu

Trứng ốp la

Cá thu nhật sốt cà

Giá – cải chua xào

Cải ngọt thịt bằm


Cá bống kho tiêu

Đậu hũ dồn thịt

Bò xào đậu ve

Hủ tiếu xào


Bún bò

Mì xào giòn

Gà kho lá chanh

Trứng chiên cuộn thịt

Cá bạc má chiên

Bầu luộc

Mướp – rau ngót nấu tôm khô


Cá hú kho nước dừa

Tép ram thịt

Mực xào sả ớt

Bún thịt nướng


Cơm chiên dương châu

Phở bò

Chim cút rôti

Mực chiên giòn

Thịt kho đậu hũ

Rau muống xào tỏi

Bí xanh nấu tôm tươi


Thịt kho măng

Gà rôti

Chả lụa rim mặn

Mỳ gà chua cay


Hủ tíu nam vang

Bánh mì thịt quay

Cà chua dồn thịt

Cá rô phi chiên giòn

Gà ram mặn

Đậu đũa xào

Canh chua rau muống

Dưa hấu

Cá lóc kho tiêu

Đậu hũ chiên sả

Đùi gà hấp hành

Nui xào bò


Bún mắm

Xôi mặn

Khổ qua xào trứng

Cá bống kho tiêu

Đùi gà chiên bơ

Cải xanh xào gừng

Rau má thịt bằm

Chôm chôm

Gà ram me

Cotlet kho thơm

Cá bạc má chiên giòn

Mỳ Ý


Bún mọc

Bánh mì xúc xích

Trứng chưng mắm

Bò xào cần nước

Chả cá chiên nước mắm

Đậu bắp luộc

Đậu hũ hẹ

Chè chuối

Thịt luộc mắm thái

Cá thu Nhật kho cà

Sườn xào cá hộp

Mì xào giòn


Cơm tấm

Ếch xào sả ớt

Cá lóc kho tộ

Cải ngọt

Bí đỏ tôm khô


Thịt kho tiêu

Chim cút chiên bơ

Depending on different conditions, industrial meal prices vary. You can combine dishes when preparing rice so that it is both delicious and nutritious.

It's great to serve customers. Let Phu Binh An Catering listen to your wishes. If you have any consultation, please contact us using the following form:

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