1. Select supplier

Phu Binh An absolutely only uses foods of good quality, with certification of clear origin, provided by reputable food companies.

  1. Insurance

All products and services provided by Phu Binh An are covered by insurance: Product liability insurance, Fire and explosion insurance provided by Bao Viet company.

  1. Certification of food hygiene and safety knowledge

All employees of Phu Binh An Company working in the kitchens of the company's customer system are trained in the "food hygiene and safety knowledge training" course by competent health agencies. organization and issuance of certificates.

  1. Quality superviewer

During the food processing process, processes are strictly implemented and strictly inspected from the stages of importing goods, selecting food, pre-processing, processing to portioning to serve customers. Products supplied to customers are carefully checked for quality and food safety by qualified, specialized and experienced experts in the Food field.

  1. Save food samples

Fresh food and processed food are sampled according to regulations of the Ministry of Health under the supervision of both Phu Binh An company and customers to determine the quality of food provided by Phu Binh An. , to ensure objectivity, is the basis for solving problems when problems occur.


  • Send flowers to congratulate the founding day of the customer's company.
  • A special gift for women on International Women's Day.
  • Gifts for customers during Mid-Autumn Festival and Vietnamese traditional Tet.
  • Organize monthly meetings with the union and factory leadership.
  • Organize periodic consultation with employees.
  • Create a service diary and daily feedback book.
  • Support customer company's fun activities.
  • “Personnel exchange program”: with a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, and highly skilled chefs, we always have a chef swap program to bring new tastes and service styles to customers.
  • The menu will be prepared and sent to customers 1 week in advance. The menu will always be changed and not duplicated within 30 days, to avoid boredom in taste and help balance nutrition in each employee's diet.


PHU BINH AN CATERING is trusted for its flexibility, meeting all customer needs and desires.

In addition to diverse canteen and industrial kitchen services, we also serve parties and special events for both individual and business customers. These can be outdoor receptions, product launches, culinary festivals or romantic weddings and birthday parties.

Our team of passionate party planners will turn your unique ideas into reality, whether it's a party for 2,000 people or 3,000 people, with the ultimate goal of making your mark through style. Banquet table decoration and delicious dishes are professionally served.


We nurture relationships with customers based on integrity, respect, mutual trust, listening to contributions and ensuring commitments not only at the management level but also each member of PHU BINH AN.

“Building strong relationships with partners not only creates a continuous evaluation process for improvement and perfection, but also promotes stronger business relationships.” This is the guiding principle of PHU BINH AN CATERING's business philosophy.


New and creative ideas are always the driving force for development and also the key to our success with customers.

We carefully research the psychology, habits and preferences of customers in each region and each specific field to improve and provide the most suitable service quality and culinary style.

In addition, using technology and updating new trends from the international food supply industry also brings more benefits to customers when using PHU BINH AN CATERING's catering and party services.

Customer served