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  • Are you an intern?
  • Are you a competent person?
  • Are you a responsible person?
  • Are you passionate about your career?
  • Are you someone who always desires success?
  • Are you an intern?

Whether you are a true expert or just a beginner, the Company will create conditions for learning and training to develop together.

In a professional, creative, fair and cordial environment, you always have:

  • Motivation to act
  • Opportunity to develop
  • Empowered to achieve goals

Please join us in realizing your aspirations.

Headquarters: No. 1440 Huynh Van Luy, Phu Tan Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

  • Hotline: 0918 612 126 – 0339 612 126
  • Phone: 0274 389 9369
  • Email:

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